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Alma CP is led by two experienced entrepreneurs, Daniel and Camilo. They have known each other for more than 25 years and have shared meaningful experiences in social, athletic, and academic contexts throughout their lives. They share a common vision and a set of core values that have allowed them to build a strong relationship over time. This fundamental alignment, along with their complementary professional experiences and skill sets, is the foundation of Alma CP.

Throughout their combined 16 years of professional experience, Daniel and Camilo have developed analytical, execution, and leadership skills. They will lead the acquisition and join the company full-time; their only focus will be to ensure that your business grows and continues to be an industry reference.


With an entrepreneurial mindset, perseverant personality, and a willingness to always be learning, Daniel is a passionate business professional who looks for and is motivated by challenges. Before Alma, he worked for a like-minded venture mainly planning and implementing a High-Performance Sales Organization for the company. Daniel’s professional experiences at Avery Dennison and HSBC Latam Investment Banking team have given him a solid understanding of operations enhancement and financial analysis, while allowing him to lead small and large multi-cultural teams. He learned how to approach and motivate diverse groups to manage projects and exceed expectations, as well as allocating assets in resource-constrained operations.

Hard work has been integral to mapping his goals and values, as he watched his father build a company with long-run profitability and social responsibility at its cornerstone. He then participated in the process of selling the business to a strategic player in Colombia. This experience provided Daniel with a deep understanding of the emotional complexities of selling a business from the business owner’s perspective, including the importance of establishing a strong and authentic connection with all the parties involved.

Daniel received his MBA from Harvard Business School and is also a graduate from Purdue University, where he majored in Industrial Engineering with honors distinction.


Before Alma Capital Partners, Camilo worked 10 years for Smurfit Kappa, where he assumed different management roles in a variety of teams. He has extensive experience in finance and operations and developed relationship building and management capabilities that will be critical for a smooth leadership transition. Camilo has hands-on experience as Operations Manager and Plant Financial Controller, as well as corporate level experience as FP&A Manager and Corporate Controller. He was part of the Smurfit Kappa team that acquired Empire Containers, a medium sized company in California. His teamwork with the former owner of the business was key to successfully retain and integrate all members of the management team, which was critical to unlocking additional value in the business.  

During his experience at Smurfit Kappa, Camilo learned how to manage people effectively – both upwards and downwards. He gained the confidence of his team members and proved to lead and interact effectively with employees running the shop floors. This required learning how to excel at communicating efficiently and being relentless about learning in new environments.

Camilo received his MBA from Purdue University with honors distinction and is also a graduate from Loras College, where he majored in Business Finance and Management and played soccer for the varsity team.

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Alma CP is backed by institutional partners. Most are former CEOs or SME investors. The entire team is actively involved and available to advise at each stage of the process. Some will participate as members of the Board of Directors in the acquired company.

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Alma CP is backed by individual partners who are current/former entrepreneurs and searchers. They have a very hands-on approach in Alma CP and play a key role as mentors for Daniel and Camilo. 

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